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Posted by Sherry Davenport
HAVI and Sun Chemical team up on natural-based Inks

HAVI and Sun Chemical Team Up on Natural-based Inks


With our foray into natural-based inks, HAVI’s pioneering development in more sustainable packaging has given foodservice and consumer product brand owners a reason to “think ink.” Several years in the making, our partnership with two of the largest ink suppliers in the world— INX International Ink Co. and Sun Chemical—reflects a response to the surge in consumer demand for clean packaging.

In this short video, HAVI and Sun Chemical business leaders explain how these inks fit into their strategic plans to improve the sustainability of your packaging. Watch now:

Spotting Packaging Trends
Our partnerships highlight the importance of pursuing untapped market opportunities, a hallmark of our Packaging Innovation group for decades. Before an innovation like natural-based inks is commercialized, years of research, trial and error occur behind the scenes.

Want to learn more about improving the sustainability of your packaging? Shane Bertsch, HAVI’s VP of Innovation, explores this further in an article for Flexible Packaging Magazine. If you’re seeking new avenues to demonstrate your commitment to consumer health and reduce regulatory risk, the answer may be written in natural-based ink.


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