2019 Restaurant Marketing Focus: Personalization

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Exceeding Your Customers’ Expectations for a One-of-a-Kind Experience


2019 Restaurant Marketing Focus: Personalization

Are you dreaming of customer loyalty? With slow to moderate growth in the restaurant industry for much of the last decade and market share shrinking due to new entrants, keeping customers coming back is both challenging and critical. Our newest eBook will let you in on the secret to achieving customer loyalty – personalize the guest experience.

Consider this: more than 70% of QSR and casual dining guests want to receive personalized offers via email, according to Tillster’s Digital Ordering Index. From promotions to serving up their menu preferences on your mobile app to ordering the most unique combination of ingredients, there are many opportunities to personalize the experience.

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But it can’t be done without data. To execute a strategy rooted in personalization, you need access to solid data and the right partners. Having strategic data and analytics resources ensures that the right data is being leveraged in the right way. With personalization, it’s all about choosing the opportunities that will have maximum impact.

We discuss all of these and more in Delivering on the Demand for Personalization, including:

  • The impact of technology on the restaurant industry
  • Key touch-points for personalization throughout the guest experience
  • How making data-driven decisions can take you from good to great

There’s no question that big data will be at the center of every restaurant’s marketing strategy for 2019. How will your business leverage customer data to make the experience more personal? Download our eBook now to determine where personalization fits into your marketing plan.

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