Modern Food Moments & The Generations Driving Them [INFOGRAPHIC]

Restaurant Marketing Infographic
Posted by Sherry Davenport
How do the preferences and behaviors of different generations of guests influence your marketing strategy?


Modern Food Moments & The Generations Driving Them [INFOGRAPHIC]


Millennials want convenience. Baby boomers want value. Gen Z wants to do it all from their phone. The preferences of different generations are driving change for marketers for all industries, and the restaurant business is no exception.

Just a decade ago, marketing separately to each generation would have been nearly impossible. But with the massive amount of data that technology now enables, it’s possible to serve these customers in the ways they demand – no matter what they are.

That’s where Modern Food Moments  comes in.

Our newest infographic gives you a peek into what’s important to different generations of guests, from Generation Z to Baby Boomers. It also looks at how brands are meeting the consumer-driven desire for convenience, value, quality and a personalized experience– whether it’s tech-driven like a mobile app or an attention-grabbing in-store LTO. In the infographic, we talk about:

  • Gen Z and their affinity for mobile
  • Baby Boomers and the importance of LTOs
  • Gen X and targeted marketing campaigns

Where are you in your adoption of the newest tech-enabled marketing tactics? How do you attract different generations? And are you building brand loyalty with each guest?

Modern Food Moments  will  show you where all of these tactics come into play and which generations are driving change. Download the infographic now.

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